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   "No matter which way your relationship is headed, a tandem will speed it along" ---David Sundstrom

  • Tandem Photos - A collection of mostly my photos of tandems and their riders.
  • The Tandem Link - The most comprehensive web site about tandems and tandem news.
  • Double Forte - An international group forum by and about Off Road Tandem Enthusiast. The Double Forte forum was intended to be used for sharing technical information, riding tips, trail reviews and event information related to tandem mountain biking but will occasionally drift into tandem / mountain biking lifestyle discussions. The group's members are cycling enthusiasts who have discovered the enjoyment, excitement, and camaraderie of riding mountain bikes built for two. You will need to be a member of Yahoo Groups to read the messages.
  • The Proper Method - A message from Bill McCready, President of Santana Cycles Inc. about the proper method for riding a tandem. He gives great consideration to the stoker.
  • Tandems in the Desert - A story I wrote about our trip out west to Lajitas Texas.
  • Nothing rides like a rental - I don't remember where I found this story. It was obviously a forum of some sort. After reading it I can't say that I believe it to be true but it is a very funny story.
  • Crashing an Off-Road tandem - Some great advice on how to deal with the guilt after committing a blunder such as dumping your stoker and yourself on an off road tandem. The threads were compiled from the Double Forte forum.
  • Riding a tandem in a paceline - This is a thread from the "Tandem@Hobbes" tandem forum about riding a tandem in pacelines. The contributors lend some very sound advice about doing so. You can find a link to join the  forum at Mark Livingood's "The Tandem Link" website.

    As you read on the home page of this web site we are cycling enthusiast. These days however, we are "Tandem" cycling enthusiast. Why a Tandem? I liken riding a tandem to dancing. When on one of our tandems my wife and I ride at the same speed, at roughly the same effort and on the same route. We spin the same cadence and take breaks together. We have to want to stop at the same restaurants while out on a ride or at the same cafe at the end of a ride. We get to spend a lot of time together whether on a road tandem or an off road tandem. 

    It's sounding more and more like dancing to me. At this point in our lives that is not entirely a bad thing. I once heard another tandem couple say, and I quoted at the top of this page "No matter which way your relationship is headed, a tandem will speed it along". That really sums up riding together. In our case it has zoomed our relationship along in a very good direction.

    Modern tandems are not the old beat up rentals you may have seen at the tourist spots you have visited. Although you can purchase a rather inexpensive model you can also pay a king's ransom for a go fast model. Look into "The Tandem Link" for the most comprehensive web site about tandems and tandem equipment that I know of. I also have include some links to a MTB tandem enthusiast website The Double Forte, one of my tandem stories, some tandem photos and what I consider useful tandem information.

See ya on the road,

Robert and Nancy Kaechler